Tuesday, April 8, 2008

One down - 11 to go!!

Having just returned from Paris, it seems training is back on track, albeit the run was a little quicker than anticipated.

May i first say a huge thank you to Asics and also Apex sports in paddington. Asics have kindly sponsored all the runners in the 10 in 10. With the injury i had they refered me to Apex sports in Paddington, who fitted me with 2 pairs of shoes after a Gait analysis and it proved to be simply brilliant!! The Gait analysis is free and they really do know what they are talking about. They are situated just behind Paddington station and ask for Gareth!! A good plug, but really refreshing to get good advice, so thanks guys!

So back to Paris. Whilst the idea was to run a slow 4.20 we ended up running 3.37! Paris is a very well organised marathon and for the size they really do make it simple! Bigger than london, there is only 1 start and its easy to get too. We knew it was fairly flat and therefore potentially quick, and fell into the trap of running it a little quicker than we wanted.

London this Sunday will be run a lot slower, with another long run scheduled for the Monday.

Sponsorship again has been very progressive, and now just short of the £5,500 mark. If you would like to donate please click here. The T shirts are now printed and many a happy donator is proudly donning them!!

Thanks to Steve to coming out to Paris and running the marathon with me, great support and a great friend, thanks pal!

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